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Your Questions Answered
When are the live Zoom calls?
The Zoom calls take place on the same day and at the same time every month as shown below. Please keep in mind that we may change this in the future:

- The last Tuesday of the month at 4pm Pacific time
- The last Tuesday of the month at 7pm Eastern time
- The last Wednesday of the month at 9am Sydney time
What if I can't make the live Zoom calls?
All paid subscribers get access to a private member's area with the recordings of every call, as well as the monthly workbook and challenge. The recordings are added to the member's area within 1-2 days of each live Zoom call taking place.

This allows you to watch the recording and complete both the workbook and challenge at a time that's convenient for you. You can work through it as quickly or as slowly as you like.
What will I learn on the Zoom calls?
You'll learn strategies, tactics and frameworks that will help you grow your business. We focus primarily on digital marketing strategies, because we've found that most businesses struggle with getting new leads and clients/customers more than anything else.

Everything you'll learn on the Zoom calls is presented in an easy-to-understand framework, so you can immediately apply it into your business to generate growth.
Tell me more about the monthly workbook and challenge.
Sure! Basically there are 3 ways people learn: visual (reading and writing), auditory (inner dialogue and hearing) and kinesthetic (touch and moving) -- that's why in addition to the Zoom video call, you also get the monthly workbook and challenge.

The Zoom call helps auditory learners retain and take action on what they learn by explaining a summary of key topics, using live questioning for attendees and encouraging verbalization of questions discussed on each call.

The workbook helps visual learners retain and take action on what they learn by reading and answering questions related to the topics discussed on each Zoom call.

The challenge helps kinesthetic learners retain and take action on what they learn by involving movement-based actions in the challenge, such as using colored markers to emphasize key points in the challenge document and using role playing to get them up and moving.

Over the last 9+ years mentoring founders in both a one-on-one and group environment, Mitch has developed a unique teaching style that helps attendees take action on the strategies, frameworks and tactics he shares.

His approach involves humour, storytelling, real examples of strategies being discussed and a significant amount of time reserved for Q&A during each Zoom call.
Are the Zoom calls interactive?
Yes! If you've ever been on a live Zoom call with Mitch then you'll know there's ample time to participate by asking questions.
How do I cancel the 30-day trial?
Just email support@insanegrowth.com at any time within 30 days of starting your trial and you won't be charged beyond the initial $1 USD.
How do I stay subscribed after my 30-day trial?
Simply do nothing. After your 30-day trial ,you will automatically be enrolled in our monthly group coaching program at the rate of $97 USD per month. Of course, you can cancel at any time by emailing support@insanegrowth.com There are no commitments or contracts.
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